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Blue Haven Civics

Who We Are

Blue Haven understands that a sound economy requires sound policy. Blue Haven Civics engages strategic partners to promote institutional, market, and government policies that create opportunity for future generations. As an intergenerational family office focused on the future, we recognize vigorous civic engagement is an institutional best practice. Blue Haven Civics focuses our programs in three core areas: Inspiring Innovation, Improving Markets, and Strengthening Democracy.

Inspiring Innovation

Blue Haven Civics promotes innovative research and partnership to accelerate the pace of positive policy change across leading institutions—including investment houses, universities, and government agencies.

Improving Markets

Blue Haven Civics advances analysis of fair, competitive markets and advocates for better rules based on best evidence – such as pricing carbon.

Strengthening Democracy

Blue Haven Civics invests in the foundations of democratic practice, including educating for democracy and reducing corruption in politics. We believe it is critical that the next generation be challenged and supported to create more fair markets and more effective governance.

Strategic Partnerships, Investments and Grants Include

The U.S. Impact Investing Alliance Social Finance US|SIF Issue One FCL Higher Ground Labs

Our Team

Co-founder & Principal

Interim Managing Director 

Simon Thompson

Associate Director of Civics

Sanzida Mohsin

Project Coordinator

Dereka Young

Executive Assistant