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Blue Haven Initiatives

Who We Are

BBlue Haven Initiatives makes grants and philanthropic investments into organizations and companies with clearly defined impact missions. We consider funding opportunities in three distinct impact categories: Impact Investing Field Building, Human Capital, and Catalytic Investments.

Impact Investing ecosystem and field building

The family started their their impact investing journey nearly ten years ago. Along the way, they benefitted from research, tools and peer networks that make the field more accessible. The Initiatives team recognizes the critical role grant capital can play in supporting the continued advancement of impact investing. We partner with organizations that are building communities, conducting research and developing robust tools to encourage new or inform existing impact investors.

Human Capital

Our Ventures team has worked closely with early-stage companies across Sub Saharan Africa for several years. While startups often face obstacles in finding the right teams, companies in our focus geographies are at a particular disadvantage due to an underdeveloped ecosystem. Blue Haven considers grant funding for organizations committed to helping companies recruit a diverse talent pool with 21st century employment skills; re-reskill and retain existing employees; develop executive leadership and professional development opportunities; and foster a healthy organizational culture. If we believe innovative companies that target underserved consumers can deliver impact (and we do), then we want those companies to have the best teams possible.

Catalytic Investments

The Blue Haven Initiatives and Ventures teams are growing! In 2018, we created a collaborative capital pool for innovative ideas that don’t quite fit into our for-profit or grant portfolios. This can mean a lot of different types of investments, but think blended finance, sub-commercial, pay-for-success, proof-of concept, or guarantee. Organizations applying for funding under this category are in the proof-of-concept phase, offering innovations that differ from the status quo. During due diligence, Blue Haven expects that organizations will clearly outline their short- and long-term impact outcomes. The team prioritizes opportunities with leaders who have a game plan for graduating from our support and successfully raising additional funding for their organization or their industry.

Our Focus

Geographical Focus

Grant/Investment Size

Impact investing ecosystem: $150K – $500K initial investment with potential for multi-year grants 

Human capital: $100K – $400K initial investment with potential for multi-year grants 

Catalytic investments: $250K (two investments awarded annually)

Capital Type

Grants, recoverable grants, catalytic first loss capital, equity, debt

Return Expectation

Investments: Sub-commercial returns or capital preservation

Grants: No capital return

Grants and Investments

Experience EducateM-KOPAPaystackPeg AfricaShortlistSpireTwiga FoodsUmati CapitalClient EarthGOGLAPowerGenYusudi

Our Team

Pritzker Simmons
Co-founder & Principal

Strategic Partnership Manager

Initiatives Proposals

To submit a proposal, please fill out Blue Haven Initiative's application form and send with a cover note to:

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