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All in for impact: investing across asset classes

Blue Haven takes a total portfolio approach to investing, applying portfolio-management principles to for-profit and philanthropic capital. This integrated approach means it aims to optimize financial returns appropriate to each asset class or venture, with the ultimate objective of aligning its wealth-management activity with the values of the founders and their team. It stands out among family offices for aligning all of its investments for positive impact.


Blue Haven invests in public equities through third-party managers. These advisors scrutinize and analyze the policies and behaviors of its investments—including business practices, executive decision making, political spending, and workplace and employee policies—in evaluating competitive financial and impact returns. Blue Haven works with partners to engage in proxy voting and shareholder advocacy to ensure best practices and sustainability in corporate governance. While public equities are more limited in social and environmental impact than other asset classes, Blue Haven believes exposure to them is an essential part of a long-term, diversified portfolio.

Blue Haven gains exposure to fixed-income markets through a range of strategies that offer a consistent source of income, dampen portfolio volatility and offer a high degree of liquidity. Often overlooked in the impact investing space, fixed-income investments provide capital for critical public purposes. Blue Haven seeks to increase the impact of this asset class through a combination of quantitative scoring and a qualitative assessment of the use of proceeds for underlying issuers. It invests through third-party managers.

Investments Include:
Brown: Large Cap Growth (ESG) Generation Goldman Sachs Asset Management Impactive Capital MSCI Emerging Markets ESG Focus Index Ninety One Global Environmental Fund Ownership Capital Palisade : Small Cap Core RBC Global Asset Management


Blue Haven invests in third party managers investing in private companies, including those operating in overlooked sectors and markets.

Investments Include:
Actis Energy Bain Double Impact II Blue Bear Fund II Elevar Equity EnCap Higher Ground Labs HitecVision New Energy Fund Jazz Venture Partners Nyca Investment Fund Patamar Capital Quadria Fund II Quona Capital Reach III Rethink Education Fund III Sarona Frontier Markets U.S. Fund 2 L.P. UP Fund Summa Equity Fund WWB Capital Partners, L.P.


Blue Haven invests in funds that provide debt financing to businesses, including businesses that unlock economic opportunity and build clean energy infrastructure.

Investments Include:
ADM Galleus Fund III CarVal CVI Community Investment Management Glennmont REBS Europe Fund I HCAP Partners Impact Assets Global Sustainable Agriculture Notes New Energy Capital


Blue Haven invests in physical assets, such as real estate and sustainable timber, that can serve as hedges against inflation, currency price fluctuations and other macroeconomic factors.

Investments Include:
Clear Frontier Meadowlark Lands I IIG K-5 Property Trust Lyme Forest Fund IV LP Jonathan Rose RAHPF V Althelia Climate Fund IV LP True Green Capital Virtu Evergreen Fund Vision Ridge Sustainable Asset Fund, 2011 LP


Blue Haven funds early-stage, innovative businesses that improve standards of living, create economic opportunity and deliver products and services cleanly and efficiently to underserved communities. It sources direct investments that are off the radar for most U.S.-based VC investors by finding and engaging talented entrepreneurs and growing its financial commitment over time. A key area of focus is sub-Saharan Africa, a region that it believes provides opportunities for impact and financial returns.

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Investments Include:
CrossboundaryFieldM-KOPAPaystackPeg AfricaShortlistTwiga FoodsZoona



While markets can be highly effective at scaling solutions, many great ideas require sub-commercial investments or grant funding. With a focus on organizations in early stages of growth, the Initiatives team facilitates grants and philanthropic investments in organizations and companies with clearly defined impact missions. We consider funding opportunities in three distinct impact categories: Impact Investing Field Building, Human Capital, and Catalytic Investments.

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Blue Haven understands that a sound economy requires sound policy. Blue Haven Civics engages strategic partners to promote institutional, market, and government policies that create opportunity for future generations. As an intergenerational family office focused on the future, we recognize that vigorous civic engagement is an institutional best practice. Blue Haven Civics focuses our programs in three core areas: Inspiring Innovation, Improving Markets, and Strengthening Democracy.

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